Sky Battleship - Total War of Ships

post by Dela Dini

Warships Sky - A real-time tactical warship (RTS) that allows you to build defensive bases on the island and engage in medieval steam wars. The game is similar to a real-time naval battle with a higher perspective.




- Control of a large aircraft team in combat;

Destroy enemy aircraft with medieval artillery;

- Fight against steam boats that look like gallons of Spanish shield in the 17th century.

- Build a fort or castle on a flying island where you can build defenses and update your cannons;

- Have a great battle for your fleet with your friends.

Involve your friends to fight heroic air battles

- Compete to become the best pirate in the pirate league and eat as a great pirate and strategist.

Enjoy colorful, high quality 3D effects.




- Develop your combat strategy and tactics by ordering various pirate ships.

Capture enemy camps and destroy defenses until you have taken control of your opponent's island.

Build new towers, tents, fortifications and cannons, grab gold coins and improve your castle defense;

Hire and select pirates to build more ships to complete your ultimate goal of destroying enemy strongholds in one final battle.

Show off your skills as a strategist and become the best pirate in the world of crazy planes.

The game requires an Internet connection. The game can be downloaded via Wi-Fi or 3g / H + / 4g / 4g + online

The game is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean.

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